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  • PupilPath Go-Live Notification and Instructions

    Please click here for information regarding PupilPath.

    Thank you

    Wings Academy High School
  • End of Fall Semester Schedule

    Hi WINGS scholars and families, 
    Please see attached schedule for the final weeks of the semester. 
    Thank you.
    Wings Academy High School
  • UPDATED: Junior Parent Town Hall, Wednesday, November 10th at 7:00pm

    Hello Parents/Guardians,

    Principal Contes is inviting all Junior (11th Grade) Parents to a Virtual Town Hall Meeting. The Town Hall will take place online this Wednesday, November 10th at 7:00pm. 

    To join please click on the link:

    We look forward to seeing you! Juniors are invited to join as well.

    Principal Contes

    Wings Academy High School
  • Bringing Language Access to Families

     Hello Wings Academy Families,

    Join the Central and borough staff in their discussions to bring “Language Access” to our Bronx families and parent leaders! Central and borough staff will discuss why language access is so important and how it helps to make our schools more equitable!  Please note that interpretation will be available in Spanish, Bengali and Arabic for our families who speak this language at home.

    Attached is the information for the sessions.

    Please continue to check PupilPath for updates!

    Thank you!!!

    Wings Academy High School
  • Announcement

    Hello Wings Academy Families,

    Please click here to listen to our  02/23 announcement.

    Thank you!!!

    Wings Academy High School
  • Spring Semester: Classes begin Tuesday, February 2

    Hello Wings Academy Families!

    Spring Semester classes begin on Tuesday, February 2.

    There are no classes tomorrow, Monday, February 1.

    Please register and login to PupilPath to check for details on report card grades and notices regarding the Spring Semester.

    Enjoy the day off!

    Wings Academy High School
  • ***UPDATED (9/30) ***Student Information Regarding Classes

    When Should You Come to School for Your Classes?

    In order to ensure social distancing, students who are coming to school for classes (blended learning) will be coming in smaller groups on different days. We will be using a six day cycle for classes, with students in school for two school days in a row, and learning from home for the next four school days. Students will be organized into three groups, A, B, and C. The cycle will be AA (Day 1 and 2), BB (Day 3 and 4), CC (Day 5 and 6). The A group comes for 2 days, then the B group for 2 days, and then the C group for 2 days.

    The D group are the students who will be learning from home full time (remote).

    All students will follow their schedules remotely for the first three days, from Wednesday to Friday, September 16th-18th. Students must use their Wings Nation email/account and follow their schedules each day. In school classes start on Monday, September 21st.

    Students should click on the link below that corresponds to their grade to see which group they are assigned.  Students should look for their OSIS number (9 digit ID) and see if they are in A, B, or C. (Note this list may not show recent requests submitted for full time remote instruction.)

    9th Grade Groups      10th Grade Groups        11th Grade Groups                 12th Grade Groups

    The link below is the calendar that tells students the dates they should come to the school for their classes (remember to check the date with the group number). On the days students are home, they should follow their schedule and sign into their classes. 

    Here is the link to sign in: Wings Academy High School Calendar


    You can now see your class schedules on PupilPath. Contact the school and speak to Ms. Claudio if you need your PupilPath account login information.

    Here is the link to access: The New Bell Schedule. (Period 1 starts at 8:30am)


    Ninth graders all have Wings Nation accounts/emails now. Students will use these to sign into their classes online and receive emails from their teachers that will let them link into those classes.

    Emails are in this format: (no capitals). Therefore, if your name is Miles Davis, your email is

    Students default email password is Wings123 . (Make sure you capitalize the W). Change it right away to another password, and keep track of that password.

    Here is the link to sign in: Wings Nation GMail account

    You will be getting emails from your teachers with links into your online classes.

    If you have any questions, you can email

    Thank you and looking forward to seeing everyone!

    Wings Academy High School
  • New COVID-19 Mobile Testing Site

    Hello Parents/Guardians,

    A new COVID-19 Mobile Testing Site has been established at the D'Auria-Murphy Triangle in our district by SBH Health System in partnership with the NYC Health + Hospitals. COVID-19 testing will be available daily from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM and no appointment is required. Please click here to see the flyer for more information.

    Thank you!

    Wings Academy High School
  • Family Letter From Chancellor David C. Banks

    Hello Wings Academy Families!

    Please click here to read a letter from David C. Banks, our new schools chancellor.

    Thank you!!!

    Wings Academy High School
  • Senior Parent Town Hall

    Hello Parents/Guardians,

    Principal Contes is inviting all Senior (12th Grade) Parents to a Town Hall Meeting. The Town Hall will take place online this Wednesday, October 27th at 6:00pm. 

    To join please click on the link:

    We look forward to seeing you! Seniors are invited to join as well.

    Best regards,

    Principal Contes

    Wings Academy High School
  • UPDATED!!! Homecoming Plan 2021-2022

    Dear WINGS Academy Scholars and families!

    Please see attached!

    We are looking forward to seeing every scholar on Monday, September 13th!

    Please familiarize yourselves with our Homecoming Plan (link below) which is updated regularly.

    Lastly just a few reminders as you return back to school:

    1. First day of classes is Monday, September 13th
    2. Bring in your device (iPad or Chromebook) charged and ready to use every day
    3. Doors will open for scholars at 7:30AM
    4. Scholars will swipe their ID's or write down their name in the attendance book
    5. Scholars enter the building and wait in the cafeteria until the bell rings
    6. Breakfast is served from 7:30AM-8:30AM
    7. Scholars must complete the Health Screening Survey daily and prior to coming to school (It will make your entry as smooth as possible)
    8. Scholars must sign up and use their DOE email accounts. (It will make your logging into all school applications as easy as possible)
    9. Scholars must have their temperature checked each time they enter the school building (We have a wall thermometer to the right when you walk in)
    10. Stay to the right when walking around the school building
    11. Wear face coverings at all times (You may remove them when eating breakfast and lunch)
    12. When going to the restroom or office, sign-in and sign-out in the teachers logbook
    13. Ask questions and let us know how we can improve
    14. All scholars will exit at the end of the day using Exit 2
    15. Smile and enjoy the learning experience!
    We are here to support you and will guide you through these challenging times. We will do our very best to provide you with the best education you deserve. Please don't hesitate to ask us questions!
    Warm regards,
    Principal Contes
    Wings Academy High School
  • What's Happening in NYC Schools!

    Please see attached.

    Wings Academy High School
  • WINGS Academy High School August 17th Update

    Hello WINGS Academy Scholars, Families, and Staff!

    We hope you are enjoying the summer as best as you can. Take the time you need to regenerate and relax. We wanted to share some information to keep you informed on what is to be expected in the next few weeks.

    The first day of school for ALL scholars is Monday, September 13th, 2021. That's less than one month away, so enjoy the next four weeks! Most staff return on Thursday, September 9th to prepare the school for our scholars return! As you prepare for the beginning of school, here are a few reminders, with details to follow, as we get closer to school.

    1. Masks must be worn at ALL times by both scholars and staff
    2. Social distancing is 3 feet in classrooms and hallways
    3. Uniforms are required (see below for Open House dates)
    4. Temperature checks when entering the building
    5. All staff required to show proof of vaccination card or tested weekly
    6. Weekly random COVID testing in ALL schools
    7. School time is 8:00am-2:50pm
    We are providing an Open House for each grade level to provide further information and to sell our school uniforms. Open House dates/times:
    1. 9th Grade - Wednesday, September 1st at 9:00am
    2. 12th Grade - Wednesday, September 1st at 12:00pm
    3. 10th Grade - Thursday, September 2nd at 9:00am
    4. 11th Grade - Thursday, September 2nd at 12:00pm
    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the school at 718-597-1751 x1023 and speak with Ms. Claudio, Parent Coordinator.
    Please continue to stay safe and healthy and we look forward to seeing everyone soon!
    WINGS Academy High School
    Wings Academy High School
  • School Reopening for SY21-22

    Hello Wings Academy Families,

    Please read the family letter regarding having 100% in person learning.

    Please continue to check PupilPath for updates.

    Thank you!!


    Wings Academy High School
  • End of Spring Semester Letter and Schedule to Families

    Good day,

    As the school year comes to a close on Friday, June 25th, we wanted to share the schedule below for all scholars and families.

    As shared in our May 26 email in PupilPath, a small handful of scholars and families have informed us and decided to take the NYS Regents exams. Scholars who are taking the Regents exams will be allowed to leave the school building after completing the exam.

    Scholars who are not taking a Regents exam, must continue to learn either In-Person or Remote until the last day of school, Friday, June 25th. Attendance is required until the last day of school.

    The last day of regular classes is Monday, June 14th (fully remote). From June 15th – June 25th, scholars and teachers will continue to follow their daily schedule. Teachers will provide a student engagement activity each day to all scholars. Scholars who have received an NX grade, will be provided with support from their teachers to resolve their NX grade.

    As always, if you are in need of support and/or clarity, please contact the school’s administration and/or your child’s counselor.

    Thank you and good luck to all the scholars!

    JUNE 2021







    § Last day of regular classes

    § PM School


    § Scholar Engagement or NX Support

    § PM School


    § Scholar Engagement or NX Support

    § PM School


    § Scholar Engagement or NX Support

    § PM School

    § ELA Regents

    § Open House 6pm


    § Scholar Engagement or NX Support

    § PM School


    § Scholar Engagement or NX Support


    § Scholar Engagement or NX Support

    § Living Environ. Regents


    § Scholar Engagement or NX Support

    § Algebra Regents


    § Scholar Engagement

    § Earth Science Regents


    § Last day of School

    § Scholar Engagement

    § GRADUATION 1pm


    Wings Academy High School
  • Wings Academy Regents Exam Opt In letter Spring 2021

    Please see the attached letter about the June 2021 Regents. Scroll down in the letter to see the information in Spanish.

    Wings Academy High School
  • NYC/NYS Education Programs and Services for English Language Learners (ELLs)

    Hello Wings Academy family:

    Come and join the NYC/NYS Education Programs and Services for English Language Learners (ELLs), a virtual presentation for the community and our Wings family.


    Wings Academy High School
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